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Sports section
Roger Federer A tennis Star won 12 titles including 3 grand slams in 2006
Date Posted : 2007-01-07
wimbledon Tennis Championship
Date Posted : 2007-07-05
Novak+Djokovic+Maria+Sharapova+Winner+of+Australian+Open+2008 Novak Djokovic Maria Sharapova Winner of Australian Open 2008
Date Posted : 2008-02-13
Brilliant+Nadal+claims+French+Open Brilliant Nadal claims French Open
Date Posted : 2008-06-22
Rafael+Nadar+and+Venus+Williams+won+Wimbeldon+Tennis+Championship+Last+Week Rafael Nadar and Venus Williams won Wimbeldon Tennis Championship Last Week
Date Posted : 2008-07-20
Maria+Sharapova+Injured+and+couldnot+recovered+for+beijing+olympics+2008 Maria Sharapova Injured and couldnot recovered for beijing olympics 2008
Date Posted : 2008-08-23
Reign+of+Roger+Federer+is+ended+on+the+international+world+of+tennis Reign of Roger Federer is ended on the international world of tennis
Date Posted : 2008-08-23
Rafael+Nadal+got+no1+ranking+after+so+many+years+as+he+won+Olympics+TITILE+2008 Rafael Nadal got no1 ranking after so many years as he won Olympics TITILE 2008
Date Posted : 2008-09-03
Pakistani+Tennis+Star+Aisam+Ul+Haq+out+of+USAOPEN+in+first+round+after+beaten+by+Spainish+Carlos+Moya Pakistani Tennis Star Aisam Ul Haq out of USAOPEN in first round after beaten by Spainish Carlos Moya
Date Posted : 2008-09-12
Sania+Mirza+Indian+Tennis+Star+Signs+Australian+Physio Sania Mirza Indian Tennis Star Signs Australian Physio
Date Posted : 2008-09-17
Esaam+ul+Haq+out+of+Thai+Open+in+First+Round+after+beaten+by+sweedish+Tennis+player Esaam ul Haq out of Thai Open in First Round after beaten by sweedish Tennis player
Date Posted : 2008-10-09
Aisam+ul+Haq Aisam ul Haq
Date Posted : 2008-12-19
Sania_mirza Sania_mirza
Date Posted : 2008-12-21
Astralian+open+2009 Astralian open 2009
Date Posted : 2009-02-25
tennis+ki+sehzadian tennis ki sehzadian
Date Posted : 2009-04-02
Monte+carlo+masters+tennis+tornament Monte carlo masters tennis tornament
Date Posted : 2009-04-30
Rafael+Nadal Rafael Nadal
Date Posted : 2009-05-05
dinara+safeena dinara safeena
Date Posted : 2009-05-12
Rojer+Federer+aur+Issutilana+kaznate+soova Rojer Federer aur Issutilana kaznate soova
Date Posted : 2009-06-18
Wambaldan Wambaldan
Date Posted : 2009-07-04
wimbledon+open+2009 wimbledon open 2009
Date Posted : 2009-07-18
Tennis+ki+shehzadi+monica+seles Tennis ki shehzadi monica seles
Date Posted : 2009-08-15
US+open US open
Date Posted : 2009-09-09
China+open+tennis China open tennis
Date Posted : 2009-10-10
China+open China open
Date Posted : 2009-10-12
Anna+ardin+aur+serena+final+ma Anna ardin aur serena final ma
Date Posted : 2010-01-28
Open+13+tennis+Aisam+with+his+partner+reached+quarter+finals Open 13 tennis Aisam with his partner reached quarter finals
Date Posted : 2010-02-18
Djokovic+to+face+Baghdatis+in+Dubai+semifinal Djokovic to face Baghdatis in Dubai semifinal
Date Posted : 2010-02-26
ATP+TENNIS+Asan+ul+Haq+or+Rohan+aj+final+khelen+ga ATP TENNIS Asan ul Haq or Rohan aj final khelen ga
Date Posted : 2010-04-12
+Seeded+players+advance+in+Monte+Carlo+Masters+Tennis  Seeded players advance in Monte Carlo Masters Tennis
Date Posted : 2010-04-18
Rafael+Nadal+Wins+Madrid+Masters+title+by+Beating+Roger+Federer Rafael Nadal Wins Madrid Masters title by Beating Roger Federer
Date Posted : 2010-05-18
French+open+2010+Roger+Federer+and+Venis+Williams+won+their+matches French open 2010 Roger Federer and Venis Williams won their matches
Date Posted : 2010-05-28
French+open+2010+Federer+winning+streak+continues French open 2010 Federer winning streak continues
Date Posted : 2010-06-01
French+Open+2010+Federer+Lost+to+Sotherling French Open 2010 Federer Lost to Sotherling
Date Posted : 2010-06-02
2+saal+baad+tennis+chor+do+ge+sania+mirza 2 saal baad tennis chor do ge sania mirza
Date Posted : 2010-06-08
Devis+cup+me+pakistan+ki+newzealand+k+khiilaf+ftah Devis cup me pakistan ki newzealand k khiilaf ftah
Date Posted : 2010-07-10
Rajer+Cup+Tennis+Tornamint Rajer Cup Tennis Tornamint
Date Posted : 2010-08-14
Marray+na+fedrer+ko+final+ma+hara+diya Marray na fedrer ko final ma hara diya
Date Posted : 2010-08-16
Asam+or+bopana+aj+amrici+jori+ka+mukabla+karen+ga Asam or bopana aj amrici jori ka mukabla karen ga
Date Posted : 2010-08-18
Rojer+frdrer+na+4+bar+sansnati+master+tennis+title+jeet+liya Rojer frdrer na 4 bar sansnati master tennis title jeet liya
Date Posted : 2010-08-23
Asam+ul+haq+U+S+OPEN+mixed+double+k+final+ma+pohnch+gaye Asam ul haq U S OPEN mixed double k final ma pohnch gaye
Date Posted : 2010-09-08
Asam+sailab+mutasreen+k+liay+charity+match+ka+ehtmam+karen+SHAHBAZ+SHARIF Asam sailab mutasreen k liay charity match ka ehtmam karen SHAHBAZ SHARIF
Date Posted : 2010-09-16
British+tenis+star+na+comon+wealth+game+ma+shirkat+sa+inkar+kr+diya British tenis star na comon wealth game ma shirkat sa inkar kr diya
Date Posted : 2010-09-27
Rafeel+nidal+semi+final+ma+pohnch+gaye Rafeel nidal semi final ma pohnch gaye
Date Posted : 2010-10-02
Rafeel+Nidal+Nay+Japan+Open+Jeet+Lya Rafeel Nidal Nay Japan Open Jeet Lya
Date Posted : 2010-10-12
Rijer+fedrer+na+andy+murry+ko+hara+diya Rijer fedrer na andy murry ko hara diya
Date Posted : 2010-11-24
Asaam+ul+haq+or+bopana+ko+double+unit+k+semi+final+ma+shikast Asaam ul haq or bopana ko double unit k semi final ma shikast
Date Posted : 2011-01-14
Nowakjakowich+australian+open+k+fateh Nowakjakowich australian open k fateh
Date Posted : 2011-02-01
Monticarlo+Rafel+nadal+or+rojer+fedrer+quater+final+ma+pohnch+gaye Monticarlo Rafel nadal or rojer fedrer quater final ma pohnch gaye
Date Posted : 2011-04-15
Asam+or+bopana+ki+jori+semi+final+ma Asam or bopana ki jori semi final ma
Date Posted : 2011-04-16
Asam+ul+haq+pehli+bar+double+ranking+ma+top+10+ma+shamil Asam ul haq pehli bar double ranking ma top 10 ma shamil
Date Posted : 2011-05-17
Pakistan+ma+coaching+karna+izaz+ki+baat Pakistan ma coaching karna izaz ki baat
Date Posted : 2011-05-20
Leena+na+french+open+jeet+liya Leena na french open jeet liya
Date Posted : 2011-06-06
Nidal+6+baar+french+open+k+fateh Nidal 6 baar french open k fateh
Date Posted : 2011-06-06
Doubles+title+k+mazboot+dawedar+hain Doubles title k mazboot dawedar hain
Date Posted : 2011-06-14
Asam+r+bopana+double+unit+ma+aj+apna+pehla+match+khelain+ga Asam r bopana double unit ma aj apna pehla match khelain ga
Date Posted : 2011-06-23
Sareena+r+venus+wambuldan+sa+bahir Sareena r venus wambuldan sa bahir
Date Posted : 2011-06-28
Fedrer+ko+shikast Fedrer ko shikast
Date Posted : 2011-06-30
+High+profile+Sharapova+low+ley+Kvitova+in+final  High profile Sharapova low ley Kvitova in final
Date Posted : 2011-07-01
Nadal+yokovich+wambaldan+k+final+ma Nadal yokovich wambaldan k final ma
Date Posted : 2011-07-02
Petra+Kvitova+new+Wimbledon+champion Petra Kvitova new Wimbledon champion
Date Posted : 2011-07-04
Djokovic+Wimbledon+champion+bn+gaye Djokovic Wimbledon champion bn gaye
Date Posted : 2011-07-04
Devis+cup+tennis+Asam+ul+haq+r+Aqeel+khan+ko+shikast Devis cup tennis Asam ul haq r Aqeel khan ko shikast
Date Posted : 2011-07-09
Tennis+star+Asam+ul+Haq+aj+apni+nai+jori+bnen+ga Tennis star Asam ul Haq aj apni nai jori bnen ga
Date Posted : 2011-07-16
Samantha+new+US+open+champion Samantha new US open champion
Date Posted : 2011-09-12
nowakjakovish+US+OPEN+k+fateh nowakjakovish US OPEN k fateh
Date Posted : 2011-09-14
jakovich+r+pateera+2011+ka+almi+champions jakovich r pateera 2011 ka almi champions
Date Posted : 2011-12-14
jokovich+australian+open+k+final+ma jokovich australian open k final ma
Date Posted : 2012-01-28
olympics+ma+shirkat+ranking+pr+munhasir+Asaam olympics ma shirkat ranking pr munhasir Asaam
Date Posted : 2012-01-31
ATP+tornament ATP tornament
Date Posted : 2012-02-16
pakistani+tennis+team+will+fly+to+philppines+to+play+in+DEVIS+CUP+TIE pakistani tennis team will fly to philppines to play in DEVIS CUP TIE
Date Posted : 2012-04-03
Rafeel+nidal+na+barslona+open+jeet+liya Rafeel nidal na barslona open jeet liya
Date Posted : 2012-04-30
Rojar+fedrer+mederd+open+tornament+jeet+gay Rojar fedrer mederd open tornament jeet gay
Date Posted : 2012-05-14
French+open+sareena+willian+ko+upset+shikast French open sareena willian ko upset shikast
Date Posted : 2012-05-30
French+open+Asaam+ul+haq+ka+fatehana+aghaaz French open Asaam ul haq ka fatehana aghaaz
Date Posted : 2012-05-31
Asam+r+Rozay+ki+jori+3ray+round+ma+pohnch+gayi Asam r Rozay ki jori 3ray round ma pohnch gayi
Date Posted : 2012-06-02
Asaam+r+Rozay+aj+quater+final+khelain+ga Asaam r Rozay aj quater final khelain ga
Date Posted : 2012-06-05
Sania+ka+tennis+hukaam+sa+shikwa Sania ka tennis hukaam sa shikwa
Date Posted : 2012-06-27
Asaam+london+olmpics+ma+shirkat+sa+mehroom Asaam london olmpics ma shirkat sa mehroom
Date Posted : 2012-06-27
Rafeel+nidal+ko+shikast Rafeel nidal ko shikast
Date Posted : 2012-06-29
Serena+williams+have+won+wimbledon+tennis+tournament+for+fifth+time Serena williams have won wimbledon tennis tournament for fifth time
Date Posted : 2012-07-07
Roger+Federer+Won+the+Wimbledon+Title+for+the+seventh+time Roger Federer Won the Wimbledon Title for the seventh time
Date Posted : 2012-07-09
yakeen+nai+arha+k+vild+card+nai+mila yakeen nai arha k vild card nai mila
Date Posted : 2012-07-18
Olympics+ma+Rafeel+Nidal+hissa+nai+la+rhay Olympics ma Rafeel Nidal hissa nai la rhay
Date Posted : 2012-07-21
Paris+Asam+Or+Jolin+Ko+Finale+Me+Shikast Paris Asam Or Jolin Ko Finale Me Shikast
Date Posted : 2012-11-05
Rajer+Faderer+Or+David+Ferer+Ne+Matches+Jeet+Lye Rajer Faderer Or David Ferer Ne Matches Jeet Lye
Date Posted : 2012-11-07
ATP+World+Tour+Ka+Semi+Finale+Lion+up+Mukamal+Rajer+Federer+Out ATP World Tour Ka Semi Finale Lion up Mukamal Rajer Federer Out
Date Posted : 2012-11-12
Tennis+Star+Rajer+Federar+Ne+Foot+Ball+Khel+Kar+Madaho+k+Dil+Jeet+Lye Tennis Star Rajer Federar Ne Foot Ball Khel Kar Madaho k Dil Jeet Lye
Date Posted : 2012-12-15
Joko+Wich+Australian+Open+k+1+Bar+Phir+Fateh Joko Wich Australian Open k 1 Bar Phir Fateh
Date Posted : 2013-01-28
The+Refri+decision+was+one+sided+regardind+dawis+cup The Refri decision was one sided regardind dawis cup
Date Posted : 2013-04-11
Sania+Mirza+Defeat+Asam+ul+Haq+ASHIAN+OPEN Sania Mirza Defeat Asam ul Haq ASHIAN OPEN
Date Posted : 2014-01-24
Aqeel+Khan+as+the+country%27s+number+one+player+TANES+RANKING Aqeel Khan as the country's number one player TANES RANKING
Date Posted : 2014-07-19
Andy+Murray+playing+became+the+first+British+500+matches Andy Murray playing became the first British 500 matches
Date Posted : 2015-04-02
Sania+mirza+World+number+one+player+in+doubles+competitions Sania mirza World number one player in doubles competitions
Date Posted : 2015-04-14
French+Open+champion+Serena+Williams+set+up+the+crown French Open champion Serena Williams set up the crown
Date Posted : 2015-06-08
Nadal+first+match+defeat+at+the+Australian+Open Nadal first match defeat at the Australian Open
Date Posted : 2016-01-20

Date Posted : 2016-01-22


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